No Nonsense Five Year Unconditional Warranty

Unlike other painters who usually leave you with no more than a verbal “promise” of a guarantee for a year or two, Risk-Free Painting offers up to a five year warranty (on both material & labor) in writing. No nonsense. Unconditional.

Risk-Free Painting warrants to the homeowner, from the date of completion, that the paint or stain on the home shall not split, chip, peel, flake, blister or excessively chalk for any reason whatsoever, except for acts of God. Risk-Free Painting shall promptly, free of charge, replace product and the necessary labor to correct the problem. The warranty goes into effect after payment is made in full. Read the warranty for yourself:


Not Covered by Warranty

  1. Decks and walked on surfaces
  2. Rotted wood
  3. Defects caused by moisture
  4. Mildew
  5. Cedar bleed
  6. Galvanized metal
  7. Wood gutters
  8. Horizontal surfaces