Our Process

Our Thorough Six-Step Process

The application of paint or stain is a multi-step process that we’ve developed to make sure you get a careful, thorough, and professional job that will stand inspection and the test of time. It includes all of the following steps:

Step 1: Job Assessment

We first identify your substrate. Why? Because different primers work for different materials. There is no “one-size” fits all primer. Using the RIGHT primer means a longer lasting exterior paint job.

Step 2: Site Prep

We cover your plants and shrubs with drop cloths, being careful around flowerbeds and garden areas so as not to damage the foliage or roots. We also tape off the proper areas to correctly protect your residential, commercial, or condo property while we paint.

Step 3: Powerwashing the House

A soft water power wash using a proprietary mix—including tri-sodium phosphate— eliminates any dirt, oil or mildew that builds up on your exterior over time. Applying paint to a clean surface ensures a long-lasting and better-looking exterior paint job.

Step 4: Surface Prep

Scraping and sanding to get down to solid surface for better adhesion; feather sanding for better appearance; properly replacing rotten wood; removing non-adhering caulk as needed and properly applying new caulk (we use a top-quality elastomeric sealant); and, finally, priming any bare surface as needed.

Step 5: Topcoat Application

We hand brush and hand roll every exterior paint job whenever possible. Why? Because while spraying may be “cheaper and faster” it is NEVER better (unless needed for proper coverage). Hand painting ensures adequate coverage and an extra thick coat. The thicker the layer of paint, the longer the job will last.

Step 6: Final Inspection & Clean Up

No job is considered complete until the crew, foreman and (most importantly) you say it is complete and you are 100% satisfied. Whether you’re in Indianapolis or elsewhere in Central Indiana, call us today for a fantastic exterior paint project.